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Reel Geek Girls (2015 - Ongoing)

Real Geek Girls is on IMDB

The #ColdHardDrewth (2015 - 2017)

The #ColdHardDrewth is on IMDB

Drew's Clues (2016 - Ongoing)

Drew's Clues is on IMDB

Bad ASSMR (2015 - Ongoing)

Bad ASSMR is on IMDB

Storytime w/ Drew Ryan (2016 - Ongoing)

Storytime w/ Drew Ryan is on IMDB

Short Films:

Alice gets lost in a wonderland... Featuring the music of Jefferson Airplane

Alice Inside from ColdHardDrewth on Vimeo.

An upcoming film about an average day in the life of an average geek. Or is it?

Novelty Twitter Accounts:

@DangItDisney - For those moments when Disney makes wait too long, feel too much, spend too much... dang it!

@IHateThingz - A spot for people to vent their minor frustrations.

Example: When someone speeds to pass you and you're going the speed limit. #IHateThingz

@INFJProblems (Inspired by success of INFJ Buzzfeed List)

Clothing and Merchandise Lines:


awkwardMEOW Merchandise on RedBubble

Real Geek Girl

Real Geek Girl Merchandise on RedBubble

The #ColdHardDrewth

The #ColdHardDrewth Merchandise on RedBubble


ReThinkIt Gifts (Web, social media, and co-CEO)


Celeb-Derpy - Collection of silly faces done by celebrities (Hiatus)


2 Master's Degrees, 3.9 GPA both times

Branding / Marketing

Created t-shirt designs and Freshman / New Student Welcome Week themes 2 years in a row

Created High School Class slogan