Drew C. Ryan, born July 29, 1986, is a Digital Producer, Content Producer and Author / writer who started this site in 2016 as a place to unite his written and video thoughts on his favorite geek and pop culture franchises. 

Drew created #ColdHardDrewth Productions, a media conglomerate that oversees all his projects. Most notable is his YouTube channel, Drew's Corner, which hosts the Reel Geek Girls spotlight series and So Dang Disney!

Reel Geek Girls airs weekly and is dedicated to spotlighting awesome geeky icons as well as combating the Fake Geek Girls myth / harassment of female geeks online. 

In August 2016 Drew released his first book, 130,000 Worth of Words and will be releasing another book this winter.

In addition, Drew produced and starred in the following completed series: Drew's CluesStorytime w/ Drew RyanBad ASSMR, The awkWORD, and The ColdHardDrewth.